Pilares de la nueva estrategia digital B2B post covid

This is the question we all ask ourselves after the changes that have occurred due to the covid.

I recently echoed a study by Mckinsey in which the data showed that B2B sales have been digitized due to COVID and that it seems that these changes are going to continue.

In this article I would like to focus on some of the most important data and offer you a guide to adapt to the new context of B2B sales.

The preference for digital B2B sales has doubled. In Spain and the United Kingdom it was multiplied by three.

Customers want self-service tools:

  • Online chat is the preferred channel to contact suppliers.
  • The preference for ordering from mobile applications increases by 30%.
  • + 250% on orders via mobile application.
  • For this reason, companies that offer a good digital experience are twice as likely to be hired.
  • What has motivated the change to digital B2B sales has been that teams worked remotely (96%) and purchase decision-makers have realized that they prefer the digital channel (65%) because they obtain equal or better results than before of the pandemic (the countries where this change occurs the most are: China, India, Spain and the UK).

You can read the rest of the article here.

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