Learn from Innovation with Tesla

Learn from Innovation with Tesla

One of the world most innovative organizations. Feel what the Tesla phenomenon is and get inspired and absorb atmosphere of one of the world most effective companies. Where, innovativeness entangles with experience and the present meets with the future.

Musk’s visionary thinking, his persistence and constant improvements of Tesla cars have placed him among such management gurus like Henry Ford, Sakichi Toyoda or Taichi Ohno. 

In 10 years half of the cars produced in the USA would be electric cars and that all of them would be autonomous! A car without a driver is no longer a fiction – they are present, here and now. 

Have you ever considered the future of other sectors? Have you ever thought how visions, obsessions and determination of one single player can change your business? If you want to experience extraordinary work standards, unique innovation culture, and a way of thinking of Nikola Tesla of our times, we invite you to the Experience Leaders Inspired by Tesla.

 On the Experience by TESLA You will take part in:

  • Tech Talk with participation of TESLA Motors employees.
  • Experience innovation as a disciplined, rational and durable process that may enrich your company irrespectively of the business sector.
  • Learn management principles that have placed Tesla concern among the world top game changers.
  • Learn disruptive innovation principles and reasons why it is not worth doing the old stuff using new technologies.
  • Learn how the most innovative factory in the world works.
  • Experience Elon Musk’s integrated system of thinking and operating.
  • Talk to managers of the company managed based on the Industry 4.0 system and the state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Learn innovative intralogistics solutions applied in Tesla Motors. 


Option 1 Europe Live:

Day 1 morning:
Introduction to the disruptions in the automotive industry

  • Autonomous Driving
  • Electric Driving
  • Shared & Connected

Overview of the players in US, China, Europe

Technologies included (simulators, Lidars, radar AI, AI chips,…)

Day 1 afternoon:
Focus on specific companies (autonomous, electric, open source, closed coding, delivery robots…)

  • Tesla (electric/autonomous vehicles/trucks by new and digital car company)
  • Waymo (robotaxi by digital company)
  • GM Cruise (robotaxi by legacy car maker)
  • Baidu (open source autonomous technology)
  • Nuro (deliver robots)
  • Kodiak robotics (trucks)
  • Zoox/Amazon (autonomous passenger and deliver vehicles)
  • Robotmart (autonomous supermarket)

Legal frameworks that are required:

  • Liability

Impact of mobility change on

  • Jobs
  • Cities
  • Road infrastructure

End of day: guest speaker (virtually) from the US

Day 2 morning:
Foresight Mindset – how to forecast the future and make better decisions today

  • Basics of Foresight (Signals, Trends, Hype…)
  • Introduction to some methodologies (Futures Wheels, Messages from the Future, Backcasting…)
  • Developing Scenarios in teams

Day 2 afternoon:
Introduction to multiple mindsets to change company culture and empower management and employees to be more creative, innovative, flexible in order to react better to the coming changes and disruptions

  • Silicon Valley Mindset
  • Startup Mindset
  • Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

End of day: guest speaker (virtually) from the US

Day 3:

  • Working out action plans for the different companies present in mixed teams
  • End of day: presentation of plans by all teams



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