Your Team Happiness is Profitable

Your Team Happiness is Profitable

Delivering Happiness provides products and services to create sustainable culture change using happiness as a business model.  We all strive for happiness. It is a common goal of humanity, coded deep in our DNA, across cultures and borders. Most of us are pursuing happiness personally, but what about professionally?

The last decade has helped us understand that happiness is more than a universal goal in life. It is a significant business advantage. Research shows happiness increases positive business outcomes, from productivity to innovation and profits. We have seen some of the best companies in the world successfully adapt happiness as a business model.        

Your Team Happiness is Profitable is an experiential master class for Top Executives, HR and Culture Leaders to build the foundations for a sustainable corporate culture that: 
• Utilizes the Science of Happiness to improve results.
• Reveals the unique character and competitive advantage of your organization.
• Supports and drives long term business success.

The lessons want you to take from the experience:

Purpose & Values: Define your personal and organizational Purpose and Values, and how  their alignment creates greater employee engagement. We'll give you the  tools to go back to work and help your teams define theirs. 
Progress, Control, & Connectedness: They're our Three Levers of Happiness, and you'll learn how they work,  their impact on your productivity profitability, and how to build specific  culture initiatives that foster each of them. 
Your Culture Action Plan: A detailed, guided and specific Culture Action Plans that includes a long  term roadmap and one culture initiative fleshed out with best practices  and guidelines. All the know-how you need to apply our Approach to  Sustainable Culture to transform your organization, AND grow your  bottom line with happiness as a business model. 
Culture Inventory Initiatives: Our Culture Inventory is your roadmap to where Values and Purpose can  live in your organization. On Day 3 you'll dive deep into systems and  processes, developing initiatives that will start working for you on Monday morning.

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